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10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday!! While the main floor of our currently-being-renovated home still looks like a giant toolbox/paint store with all the scattered reno supplies, I finally have one place in the house that looks finished—the hallway!! Hey, if you’ve ever done a reno before you know that every small completed space is a huge opportunity to celebrate and pat yourself on the back. I even bought a thick fluffy runner for the hallway for a little bit of luxury each time I walk through there, and we moved that light from our bedroom into the hall and it looks just perfect in that space. Check one space off the list!! Here’s what else makes me happy this week:

-Cutie vintage coffee mugs.

-Did you know these exist?! I bought a box immediately and they are just as good as you’d imagine. Also, there’s this flavor option too …

Bought a pair of these for summer and I love the high waist and that they scoop downwards so you have good booty coverage while the higher sides show a little bit of leg. Best of both worlds!

-Been lounging around in these and they are incredibly soft and cozy!! They had a ton of good reviews so it seemed worth a shot and they are pretty great so far.

-I know Elsie loved her vintage style tee from this brand, so I got one to try out since I’m a bit of a band tee addict and I love it! It’s really thin and soft and I’m always a sucker for a bit of distressing on a comfy tee. I have this one on my wish list now too …

-This set of cloth napkins has all the right spring/summer picnic vibes (maybe to go inside this wicker basket?).

-Kind of a random thing, but I’ve been obsessed with the show Shtisel about an Israeli family and all their life drama. I spent a month in Israel when I was getting my masters a decade ago, and I love seeing all the places and feeling what it was like to be there again. It’s been a bit since I watched a show with subtitles, but you adjust to it pretty fast and it’s kind of fun to also learn a bit of the language as you go along and recognize words here and there. It’s also has the actress from the show Unorthodox which was amazing and I really want to read the book that miniseries was based on as well …


-Getting our outdoor porch prepped a bit, and I love these lanterns to go with this outdoor rug I found (cute outdoor rugs are the furniture unicorn if you ask me … rare and hard to find!). I like that it’s got some textural tufts so it looks more like an indoor rug.

-The best pet item I’ve ever bought!! Fits in with our house perfectly and they just look like cute planters sitting around.

I’ll be sharing more home progress and room tours with you soon! Anyone who has renovated before knows how good it feels once you can start checking “finished” rooms off your list and I think we’ll get to check some boxes soon. … Happy weekend! xo. Laura

Author / Contributor: Laura Gummerman

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