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10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi, hi!! I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of the winter slump a little bit—my mom and sister are both high risk for COVID so they got their first round of vaccine a few weeks ago, and even just the chance of maybe seeing them in a month has me feeling like I could fly, lol. We haven’t seen each other since last summer and I would do just about anything to see them (safely). I’ve added a new fitness component to my routine (here’s the trainer’s Instagram, she just came out with a really cool subscription where there are various levels and timeframes of workouts) and that’s making me feel so refreshed! Even just the little things like taking my car to the car wash and daydreaming about future reno/decor projects has me feeling a bit more like myself. 🙂 Here are a few things I’ve been eyeing/into lately:

I’m so into this dress, and they had it last year too—probably a sign that I should save up and get it, haha!

Have heard absolutely incredible things about this body butter. It’s under $30 and ethically sourced from artisans across Africa. This is a Black-owned brand as well! Lavender mint is just such a perfect scent, too.

Another under $30 beauty find that I can’t get enough of right now. Perfect dupe for Dior Lip Glow!!! It’s awesome that you get three shades in this mini-set so you can experiment a little bit. Not sticky at all and makes my lips look and feel amazing.

The absolute PERFECT mini backpack, and I love that you can monogram it! I toted a mini backpack in ’90s times (it was a black and red tartan Hello Kitty number) 😉 and I’m so glad they’re back because to me they are so functional!

This honey mask from Farmacy is incredible. Perfect for winter dry skin as it’s extremely hydrating. I’ve been into this one for about four years now and it never disappoints.

My favorite body wash—it’s a clean formula and great for shaving, too. It’s got a nice subtle grapefruit scent and hydrates as it cleanses.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe from Emma—I’ve made it three times now! I’ve only used semi-sweet chocolate chips but I might do a mix with milk chocolate next time.

My #1 skincare product. If I could only have one product for the rest of time, it would be this one. Nothing can soothe, hydrate, and renew my skin like this product! I’ve been using it for years and I love hearing from others when they start using it how much they love it. Everything I’ve ever tried from this brand has been A++. And, you can take 20% off your order with the code ABM. 🙂

This basic black turtleneck! It’s the one I’m wearing in the photo above and it’s really soft and comfy, and thin enough to wear into spring. I’ve had it for a few years now and it’s held up so well.

What an absolute STEAL for this mirror—$40?! I have to find a place for this cutie.

I hope you’re staying safe and warm in this really intense weather!

xo Keely

Author / Contributor: Keely Rust

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