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10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! We are staying at my parents for a few weeks while we have our floors demoed and new flooring put in in our new home, and while the process has been long and stressful up to this point, we are SO excited to see it all when it’s done! Here are some things putting a smile on face while we anxiously await the new floors!

1. This wallpaper is stunning!!

2. Love these grass pom pom baskets for all things storage/decorating.

3. Would love to have one of these in our kitchen to keep us all on track and organized!

4. Simple and sweet spring dress options (I like the orange stripe)—maybe for Easter perhaps? Could totally see this tie-dye one as a casual Easter dress too.

5. I bought one of these basic tanks last summer, and I loved it so much that I was so sad to see that most of the sizes and colors were sold out so I couldn’t get more. This year, I checked a little early so they still have the colors I want in stock—score!

6. Have you guys seen the show Ted Lasso? It’s about an American football coach who goes to coach soccer in England, and it’s the perfect balance between wholesomeness and a bit of comic vulgarity. Todd is a big soccer fan so it was extra fun for him to watch, but my sister-in-law and I are not very sportsy at all and really enjoyed it as well. If you watch the show, there’s a recipe for the “biscuits” he makes and we really want to make them ourselves, they look so good!

7. I just got this sweatshirt and sweatshort set this week in the Prism color and I cannot wait to lounge around in them (they have sweatpants too)! The tie-dye is so pretty and they are super soft. I think I’m going to collect a few more lounge sets since that’s basically what I live in these days (this lounging set looks sooo cozy too).

8. I’m not usually a liquid foundation girl (I have dry skin so it’s a bit of a challenge), but I asked our beauty expert Keely for a liquid foundation recommendation, and she suggested I try Exa foundation—it’s been so great so far! I especially love that you can order these sample cards to find the perfect shade before you buy your perfect shade (I ended up with the Gretta shade) and their primer is like a luxurious moisturizer that feels great on my skin. I asked Todd if he could tell a difference my first few days of trying it and he said my face looked “airbrushed,” so I’ll take that to mean it’s doing a great job!

9. Are these the coolest pet bowls you’ve ever seen?! Definitely grabbing two of those for our babies.

10. Besides warm weather coming, my favorite part of the end of winter is that all the amazing furry coats are on sale, and I can snap one up for next winter at a great price! This one is adorable and super on sale, and this one is similar to the one I’m wearing above. I got this one last year and it’s one of my favorites ever, and Elsie and I both have this one as well!

I painted our front door Bubble Shell by Behr this fall, and I really am so happy with the color. It’s definitely pink, but a little more muted and subdued than my usual tones. I can’t wait to decorate the front porch with lots of plants this spring to bring in some greenery. Anyone else dreaming of what plants they’ll buy soon? xo. Laura

P.S. This is the cute doormat in the photo above and I love our new entryway set (I got this one for our backdoor that’s similar but more budget-friendly) …

Author / Contributor: Laura Gummerman

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