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10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello, lovelies! Hope you are having some spring weather where you are—I know the sun and warmer temps have definitely been helpful for my mood over here. We moved out of our house five weeks ago for what was supposed to be a two-week flooring project (typical reno story … waaaay longer and waaay more expensive, right?), but we are hoping that this week we can finally move back in. Can’t wait to show you how the new floors turned out; it’s been quite an ordeal but they are looking beautiful! Here’s what else is making me smile this week …

-I’ve started using a beauty product that’s basically changed my life and it’s (are you ready for it?) … toner. I’ve never used toner before on any sort of regular basis (just a swipe here and there), but I’ve had such horrible dry skin this winter that I started trying to use it morning and night after cleansing, before moisturizer, and within 2-3 days the difference was huge—my skin was so soft! I always thought toner was one of those unnecessary steps that didn’t do much, but after the last few weeks, I don’t think I’ll ever skip it again! My splurge toner is this amazing one from Leahlani, but this is the budget one that Elsie swears by, so I got one of those to keep around as well.

-I bought two more of these bras because they are absolutely my favorite bra of all time and I basically haven’t wanted to wear any other style since I bought my first one like five years ago. They are so comfortable for an everyday bra and their size finder is amazing at helping you find the right fit (bra shopping is usually a nightmare for me and they have half cup sizes which is great for when you are in between sizes). I’d love to get one of these for a fancy bra, I think they are so pretty …

-Going for some fun ’70s touches in the new house, how pretty would a bunch of these be on a shelf?!

-One of my things I always do before bed is spread on a decent layer of lip chap, but I wanted something a little heftier and this lip mask is super smooth and soothing. I’ve had lip masks before that are supposed to be great, but they are really sticky and as a side sleeper I always worried they would get on my pillow, so I like that this one is more smooth than sticky. Since I tend towards dry lips a night lip mask is helpful and this lip oil is a great option for during the day—super hydrating and the shade is so pretty!

-Have you guys seen the PBS show Grantchester?? It’s about a British cop and vicar (a priest) and all the murders they solve together and it’s really, really good. Also the guy who plays the vicar is suuuuper cute and kind of reminds me of Robert Redford which is always a good thing.

-This is my favorite gum that I buy by the bag to keep in my car at all times. It’s made with Xylitol instead of sugar and I think I wasn’t doing sugar when I found it, but I liked it so much that now it’s the only gum I buy.

-Got these shoes in the blush color and they are so cute! Sustainably made, vegan, and have memory foam insoles for extra comfort.

-Tried this clean lash growth serum and it works! I used to use one that had a lot more ingredients that I wasn’t excited about, so I stopped until I could find a clean one instead. I have pretty short sparse lashes so every bit helps!

-It has been a stressful month y’all so I was thinking I’d love to get one of these for some soaks in the tub. I used to have one when I was pregnant and loved it, but I actually left it in the birthing room at the birth center and it never found its way back to me. I like that this one has a hook for drying and suction cups which is really helpful to keep it in place …

We’ve definitely got a lot of cleaning and organizing to do as we put the house back together over here and I also need to work on filling Lola’s Easter basket this week (I got her this one!) to get ready for Easter morning. We got her and her baby cousin matching Easter outfits and I can’t wait to see them together! xo. Laura

P.S. That little “Here Comes The Sun” is a digital print and I just love a face vase, don’t you?

Author / Contributor: Laura Gummerman

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