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20+ Jello Shot Recipes for Any Occasion

Oh yes, you read that right. Today, we are sharing a BIG roundup of all our best jello shot recipes. Why are we so passionate about jello shots? They’re fun! It’s basically the ultimate adult-crafting project that ends in a little cocktail. Ha.

I’m going to share a few categories of jello shots recipes below. But before that, I wanted to point out this vegan jello shot recipe. Most of the the recipes below are not vegan, but you can use this basic vegan jello shot recipe to customize them if you need to.

We have quite a few classic citrus jello shots, including two that can be made in the fruit rind for a fun presentation. Click below for the flavor you prefer:

-Pink Lemonade
-Lemon Drop
-Watermelon Slice
-Orange Creamsicle

Next up are a bunch of our most fun (and sometimes surprising) novelty jello shots. These are great for any occasion and make a great adult dessert, too.

-Peppermint Mocha (they’re so cute!)
-Double-Stuffed Oreo
-Key Lime Pie
-Chocolate-Covered Strawberry
-Deviled Egg (our most controversial one, haha)
-Pineapple Upside Down Cake
-Ring Pop

We also have quite a few jello shot recipes that are based off classic cocktails. These are great for any party!

-Moscow Mule
-Rosé All Day
-Strawberry Margarita

Let’s talk about holiday-themed jello shots real quick. Of course, we have to start with Halloween because it’s the best holiday of the year (I said it—go ahead and come at me!).

-Spooky Eyeballs
-Candy Corn

But, do we have jello shot recipes for Christmas and the holiday season? Oh, yes we do.


We even have Peeps jello shots for Easter.

And for birthdays, we recommend making these birthday cake jello shots. Candles optional. Cheers! xo. Emma & the A Beautiful Mess team

Author / Contributor: Emma Chapman

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