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3 Easy Ideas for Creating Instagram Reels

Have you tried making an Instagram Reel yet? We’re having so much fun with this new feature, and we love seeing all the creative ways others are using Reels to post.

In case you’re not sure what an Instagram Reel is, it’s a newer tool on the platform that lets you create and share a video up to 30 seconds. Reels is different from Instagram Stories because what you post to Reels can appear in the feed view—and even land you a spot on the coveted Explore page! Reels aren’t just for brands, either. We love seeing our friends daily lives in this fun format, too.

If you’re considering making a Reel but not sure how to get started, here are three ideas anyone can create using the iOS version of our app, Filmm.

Try creating a video with a voiceover
Make a daily or monthly vlog by adding your video clips and then recording your voice to share the story behind it! Or if you have something you’d like to teach, we love adding voiceovers to explain the process behind recipes, DIYs and life hacks we share online.

Add a fun vibe with the free Motion tool
There’s really no better way to describe the motion tool than VIBES. OK, maybe there is. 😉 The motion tool cuts out certain frames to add a stop-motion look to your video. We love the look of it to add something extra to an aesthetic video, like in this fun video of Filmm’s co-founder Zoe Sugg.

Add your own song using music you own on iTunes
Haven’t bought a song on iTunes since, I don’t know … 2006? That was me too until recently, when I realized I could add any songs I owned in iTunes to the videos I make in Filmm. Now I love adding the “it” song to my videos to get exactly the feeling I’m hoping to achieve. This is also a great tip for those of you who may have business accounts on Instagram and aren’t able to use Instagram’s music feature.

To be honest, I didn’t record many videos before the last year or two, and now I’m so glad I have these little memories from days that might have been otherwise forgotten. If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a video must be worth a million. ❤ Thanks for letting me share! -Ana

Author / Contributor: Ana Elliott

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