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7 Tried and Tested Bedroom Storage Tips to Maximize Your Space!

The approximate national average for a two bedroom/three bedroom house in the UK is around 76–8m², and to be honest, those averages aren’t much different for the rest of Europe.

So, sometimes family life can feel a little cramped—especially if you aren’t utilizing every ounce of space in every room the right way. And of course storage is always an ongoing conversation in British households. Us Brits are forever on the hunt for more ways to get the most out of our humble-sized homes. “You can never have too much storage” is definitely something we can all agree on. For some, good functional storage systems can mean the difference between a cluttered and a tidy home.

Thankfully, there are a ton of ways you can make limited spaces work for you. Today, I want to focus on bedrooms and share a few storage tips that will help you get the most out of your living space. These are personal tips I’ve used throughout my own bedroom (which is the biggest bedroom in the house square feet wise), which is not that big at all compared to others I’ve seen.


Chances are, if your bedroom is small, you’ll want to reduce the amount of furniture you put in it to save on floor space!

Of course, as it’s a bedroom, the bed frame is kind of the main act and needs to be there to ensure a good night’s sleep. Spending a little extra on a bed frame that is both functional and looks amazing is a great way to introduce a sense of style and presence to your room without having to do much decor wise.

Think stunning headboards that can be used as a feature!






















Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns

It’s also important to note that the size of the bed does matter. We initially started with a king size (queen size) bed in our small bedroom (see picture below for previous bed frame), but then downsized to a smaller bed (much to my husband’s disappointment) just so we had a little more leg room around the bed. It’s made such a huge difference to the room.

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns


When deciding on a bed for a tiny space, it’s a good idea to choose one that has the potential for storage. That can be either choosing a bed with legs that allows you to slide in boxes underneath (I made my own here) or a bed that already has custom built-in drawers. I can’t tell you the amount of things I store under my bed, or how helpful it’s been to have a place to put seasonal items in my home. A lot of rugs, shoes, clothes in vacuum bags and cushion (pillow) covers live under here.

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns


If your room is lacking in floor space, take storage up to the wall! Install shelving around the room either to display or store Items. You can also hang hooks on the wall for clothes and bag storage. Can some of your furniture (like side tables) be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling? Here’s a photo of a side table in my son’s bedroom:

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns

I actually have a shelf above my bed that I use as a feature basket wall (granted this might not work in countries that have earthquakes, but being from the UK, that’s not something we worry about here). It’s basically just a slab of wood attached in place with white brackets, and yet, it’s such an interchangeable feature. I’ve used it more for decorative purposes but you can use it for whatever you like. What’s that saying? “The world is your oyster.”

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns


It’s important to have multi-functional furniture in a small bedroom that is adapted to your lifestyle. One of the biggest benefits is that it hugely maximizes your space, i.e, rather than using a basic table or shelf as a bedside table, why not use a table with drawers, or a chest of drawers instead?

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns

Can a rolling table over the bed also be used as a desk or a console table when not in use? FYI, I built my own one a few years ago. 

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns


I mentioned spaces like under or over the bed earlier on, but dead space also includes areas like windowsills, the space above or behind doors, above radiators, or even tight alcoves. You can use hooks to hang shoes or clothes behind doors. Books and jewelry can be stored on windowsills (or a windowsill could become desk or dressing table) . And a simple shelf can be installed above a radiator to store even more bedroom accessories.

I turned my alcove into a reading nook out of my love for reading.

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns

And before that, it used to be a desk space!

Photo credit @kfiszerfoto


Is there an option to build in wardrobes to make better use of the floor space? If so, go for it! It might cost a little extra but it will be worth it in the long run, especially if you have a room with awkward corners or sloping ceilings. And don’t forget to turn your wardroom doors into feature that adds a little something extra to your room.

Thankfully, our wardrobes were already built in from previous owners, so all we had to do was paint and swap out the old doors for these OSB ones! I talk a little more about that here.

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns


Finally, this is an important tip to try if you’re the kind of person who loves to have an uncluttered wardrobe, but has lots of clothes!

-Take an inventory of your clothes. Pack away season’s clothes into vacuum containers and store them away (under the bed perhaps?).

-Switch to slimline metal hangers that are less bulky.

-Make use of the floor of your wardrobe by adding in cubbies, low shelving units or deep baskets.

-Make use of doors/hang magazine racks or hooks to store jewelry, scarves, etc.

Photo credit: Medina Grillo @grillodesigns

And that’s all the bedroom storage tips I have for you today! Would love to hear any ideas you might have as well. Like I said, us Brits are obsessed with storage, haha! Let me know in the comments below. You can also check out my blog or Instagram for more easy rental decorating ideas! xo, Medina

Author / Contributor: Medina Grillo

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