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Kids Mini Bathroom Refresh

Hello, friends! I’m back again with another *mini* refresh today! I have been doing a lot of these lately because it feels good to make the most of spaces that won’t be remodeled very soon. This space is the bathroom in our kids’ shared bedroom. It’s currently on the schedule for next year and I could easily see it being pushed back even more.

We’ve lived in our home about seven months now and this room had ZERO personality when we moved in. Here’s the before:As you can see, it was just really boring and builder grade. We removed the metal and glass shower door immediately. Currently, our children take baths exclusively so removing those created a more accessible tub for us to use.

After that, we swapped the mirror and light fixture, added some removable tile to the floor, and added art and some accessories. We actually did not do that much, but the changes made created a HUGE visual impact. Take a look …

This was my first time to do double shower curtains and I love the vibe. It’s different, right? I think I saw it on Pinterest and I was like YESSSS. Here’s a link to the shower curtain I chose. Also, here’s a link to my Dolly print. Oh, and here’s a link to our gold hooks.

For the floors, we used the new stick-on tile from Chasing Paper. I was a part of the test group who tested the product before it launched and it’s really good quality! When my photographer came into the room, she thought it was real tile. You really can’t tell!!! It’s an awesome product and renter-friendly! Here’s the bath mat I picked.

Here’s a link to the stick-on tile!

I’m sure you will want to know how durable it is. That’s the main thing I would want to know as well. Full disclosure: I’ve only had this in the room for about one month so I can’t tell you yet how it will wear over a year’s time. So far, I have a good feeling it will last as long as we need it to! The vinyl is very thick and feels very well adhered to the tile.

Two tips!

1. We are a “shoes off” household, so there will almost never be someone in this room wearing shoes. That will be rare, definitely not daily.

2. This is a low-traffic room. I probably would not use this on the floor of a main living space and where there is constant traffic. For the type of room this is and the type of wear it will receive from our family, I wouldn’t be surprised it if holds up perfectly for several years until we remodel. Just be realistic and honest with yourself about the space and how much traffic it gets.

Do I get a gold star for branching out beyond pink on this vanity? I’m loving this color! It’s Glazed Ginger by Behr.

Here’s a link to the ’70s musicians art print.

Here’s a link to the light and the mirror. Isn’t this towel bar ADORABLE? I love these hand towels, too.

Thanks so much for following along. I am having SO much fun renovating this house, big projects and small. xx- Elsie

All sources linked: Shower Curtain / Dolly Print / Musician Print / Gold Hooks / Stick-On Tile / Bath Mat / Light / Mirror / Towel Bar / Hand Towels / Bath Towels

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Author / Contributor: Elsie Larson

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